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artist statement

My work is based in the documentary photography tradition.  I record traces of human frailty and creativity in the face of marginalization, isolation, and destruction.  The majority of these images were taken in abandoned buildings scattered throughout the five Boroughs of New York City, between 2014-2016.   an can be experienced as part of a specific photo essay, but is also meant to stand on its own as individual image. 


Walking In Heaven


This series pays homage to Modernism and artists of the 20th Century such as Malevich and Rodchenko, whose work  I admire.   In the age of Instagram and Selfies, Walking in Heaven is a reflection on my personal reference points as they inform my relationship to the larger dialogue on art and culture.   How are images given meaning, and how do we define the personal in this particular time in history?  Each of these images is composed in the camera, focusing tightly in on form, color, and line; thus drawing an abstract image with the lens.


Signs Of Humanity


This is an ongoing project documenting signs and hand written notes, that are inevitably left behind in vacated offices and factories.  Signs formerly meant to instruct or inspire, now seem ironic or comical, as the messages they intended no longer have the same significance.  The framing further disorients, as most are cropped, disembodied from their context.  Invoking the uncanny, these signs function as memento mori.




In media theory, the Present /Absent is a character who does not appear for much of, if not all the plot, but whose presence is nevertheless felt, as they drive the action.  These liminal spaces, abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals and Industrial Factories, are regularly used as sets for popular television shows and movies.  All bear the trace of their former inhabitants.   It is their stories that I am looking to capture as they fade into an obscure history. 

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